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    Filipina women are by their nature family-orientated, resourceful and devoted.

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    People from Durban and Joburg are considered extraterrestrial. Since your foreign clique will constantly change, you’ll have the disadvantage to be challenged by finding yourself a clique to secretly integrate into, yet you can order any cup of coffee and get away with it. And get yourself a nice car while you’re at it, and definitely don’t forget to shave your chest hair. Grow a beard, bring your vintage typewriter and order a craft beer at Yours Truly whilst listening to a band no one has ever heard of. Otherwise you can get in tune with your cultural interests, save up for lobola negotiations and prepare to bring out some appreciation for weekly changing hairstyles. Alternatively, you can become a huge fan of Liverpool and get yourself a pimped out VW Golf with led-rims. Once you hit thirty and haven’t married your best friend, it’s done.

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    0),},0)}function m(a){for(var b in a){if(b==="data"&&Empty Object(a[b]))continue;if(b!

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    We've had a new visitor to our garden this year ...... Still managed to get one or two photos of him stealing the peanuts put out for the birds.

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    "Helen is onto something huge." The main difference between this site and is that the subscriber doesn't search for mates—does, right? You take Helen Fisher's personality profile quiz, tell us what you're looking for, and we offer potential dates.

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    We are powered by the latest in video and audio software. Whether you prefer busier or quieter rooms, regardless of race, age or sex, we have you covered. Connect online with thousands of other users today.

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    Or the variety of sex toys in our local Spencer’s at the mall? They turn sex into something weird and potentially unmanageable.

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