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I, myself have studied using both online programs and books. Each type gives you a certain amount of privileges.These are the different types: Technician Allows you to operate on a limited range of frequencies. General Allows you to operate on a much larger range of frequencies. Extra Allows you to operate on all ham bands and frequencies. Click here to see what frequencies each licensee can transmit on.For you to make a QSO, all you really need is a Technician class license.With the proper equipment, you can talk to people very far away using way less than 100 watts. The ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) website has a whole section that advertises ham radio exams in your area.It requires some basic knowledge and studying, but can easily be accomplished.Children as young as 8 years old have gotten licensed, or as hams say, got their 'ticket'. There are different forms of studying material, and you should use whichever you feel most comfortable with.Ham radio is cool, but it can be very nerve wracking to talk to someone using it.



Although it can seem really scary at first, you won't regret a moment of it.

And after a few 'contacts', you'll be wanting to make more and more.

If you are from the UK, you may consult M0HIZ for questions about the exam process as this Instructable is structured around the US process of licensing.

First off, you must get be licensed to operate on ham radio frequencies.

There are many ways to make a QSO, some of the most common being through morse code (CW), phone (voice communications), and data (RTTY, teletype).

So, Well first, you must pass an exam and get a license...


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