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US President Obama expects Mosul to fall by the end of … Halfway to Armageddon Verse by verse through Isaiah 10 By Craig C. Its capital city was Nineveh, located in the same place as the modern day city of Mosul in northern Iraq. White When Hebrew prophets talk about the burden of a city or nation they are describing the portion of God’s judgment that it must endure. View full post Jeremiah a true prophet of God By Craig C. View full post “North quarters” refers to the northern provinces of Turkey Gog and Magog is Turkey not Russia! White Almost every modern day Bible prophecy teacher says that Gog and Magog in Ezekiel chapter 38 refers to Russia. White In Luke Jesus gave a prophecy that one day two men will be standing in a field.

View full post looks a lot like the 2016 Bible Prophecy Timeline. It is apparent that so many of these events are just about to happen. God told Nahum that the Assyrian Empire will not rise a second time. The flooding of Mosul could be the end time sign that Jesus is Israel’s true Messiah, and that Israel’s time of trouble is about to begin.

Today ISIS is trying to establish a new Assyrian Empire. The same three nations that overthrew Nineveh are fighting against ISIS in Mosul. It could be that Nahum also predicted the flooding of ISIS in Mosul! Jeremiah -27 describes an invasion into northwestern Syria and the following destruction of Damascus. The Turkish Army has already entered Syria at its northwestern border.


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