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The question remains whether the public prosecutions department would proceed to prosecute if the young person themself had consented and their parents filed the complaint. Has a national gay rights law that bans some anti-gay discrimination, including labour, housing, medical care and access to goods and services. The Dutch armed forces appear to be the most sensitive to gays in the world, although the Army and Navy do not have similar training programs. Allows foreign partners of its homosexual citizenry to receive residency permits. Many cities have instituted Domestic Partner registrations for same-sex couples. Offers many legal rights for same-sex partners, however it excludes the right to Alternative Insemination for lesbian couples. They will be able to divorce through the court system, like heterosexual couples. Source: Abuse/National Laws/ Netherlands - Pays-Bas - Pases Bajos Den Haag I.

But despite these, there are no plans to raise the general AOC to 18 (at least not in the Netherlands, see below).

There are changes in the Dutch laws to be expected.

There, a proposal has been approved by the European Parliament that would criminalise forced sex with minors.

The problem with the proposal is that it counts 'seducing' as one of the forbidden methods of force - and since few unforced sex takes place without seduction, it basically criminalizes the great majority of sex acts that involve someone under the age of 18.

Especially, the current 12/16 will probably be changed to a flat 16.

It has been approved by parliament earlier this year, but I think that this was an approval of the principle, not of an actual law (the abovementioned child porn law change is part of the same packet).

This is a confusion with one of the following changes that did take place, or are planned to take place in the future: * Since October 2000, it is a crime to have sex with a _prostitute_ under the age of 18.

* There are plans to increase the age under which pictures that contain a sexual behaviour are _child porn_ from 16 to 18.

Added 03-2002: There was some discussion on your pages regarding possible new developments in the Netherlands.

First, the statement that the AOC is intended to go up from 16 to 18 is incorrect.


Still, I fear that the 'complaint delict' will have only months to go.

A still greater threat to the Dutch AOC (at least for the likes of me who would prefer to see it low) comes from the EC.


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