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In the run-up to the war, he sidelined his Cabinet, preferring cosy sofa government, undermined the United Nations and ignored specific warnings that the invasion would inflame civil strife and terrorism (this, despite his claim to the inquiry that the difficulties in Iraq ‘could not have been known in advance’.)Meanwhile, scandalously, the circumstances in which he secured a decision – from his pliable Attorney General Lord Goldsmith – that the war would be legal were ‘far from satisfactory’.

More disturbing still, because the malignancy remains rooted in our system, it lays bare the appalling shortcomings of the constitution and Establishment, which failed to restrain the former prime minister’s excesses or protect our troops from needless danger.

They also reveal damning evidence that Mr Blair pledged unconditional support to George Bush eight months before the war, while pretending to Parliament and the people he was seeking a peaceful solution.

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