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If your notes contain documents, such as scan photos or your maternity exemption certificate, it's best to remove them before you go into hospital.

Most hospitals hang on to your maternity notes and instead give you a set of postnatal notes when you leave.

She may ask to see your sanitary pad if you've had a show, or if your waters have already broken.

Your midwife will be checking for bleeding or meconium (your baby's first poo) in the amniotic fluid.

There’s usually a triage room set aside in the labour ward, or in a nearby part of the maternity unit, ready for newly arrived labouring women.


Once the triage midwife has assessed your needs, you'll then go on to meet the midwife or midwives who'll help you through your labour.If you’re in very early labour, most maternity units have a policy of sending you home again to wait for labour to get stronger.


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