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He brings in his friend Dylan Reeve, an Internet savant with a TV background of his own.Reeve discovers that Jane O'Brien's site is owned by a German company that maintains 300 other tickling domains.Bluntly rebuffed at the door, they instead locate a former tickling contestant, a young man called J. says, the company did everything it could to try to ruin his life.Farrier is warned that "there's a lot of money" behind the O'Brien operation, and that he should be sure that "whatever you plan to do is gonna be worth the trouble that this person is gonna put you through." Now the film takes off in a wholly unexpected direction.Working with Kickstarter funds (and later a grant from the New Zealand Film Commission), Farrier and Reeve and their shooter, Dominic Fryer, fly to L. for the next O'Brien tickling competition, which they've learned is being held at a downtown video studio.David Farrier, the movie's co-director, is an unlikely hard-news hound.


One day, clicking around the Internet, he comes upon a video devoted to "Competitive Endurance Tickling." Farrier is engrossed.

The production company—an outfit called Jane O'Brien Media—is soliciting headshots from "young athletes" aged 18 to 24 to take part in the company's monthly tickling events in Los Angeles.


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