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A major interest of the Center is antiplatelet therapy for the treatment of thrombosis: basic mechanisms, standardization of monitoring assays, and clinical outcomes.

In addition to the pursuit of our academic interests, we perform studies in collaboration with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and instrumentation companies.

I’ve attended enough funerals and memorials for those I love ( and so have they) so my face crumples and the waterworks start in earnest the second someone’s eyes water, or a voice cracks.

But there’s strength in numbers, so we walked into the beautiful church hall together…and into a timeless space.) The warmth and beauty of the decorations, the delicious aroma of Armenian food permeating the air, and the familiar sound of treasured songs from our past rolling from the twelve musicians onstage made us feel instantly welcome, although we knew only a handful out of the two hundred and sixty relatives and friends gathered there.

Just before the Holidays, a beloved and respected member of the Boston area ethnic community passed away.

He was a virtuoso musician, the oldest brother in a family of Armenian traditional musicians, who played in clubs in and around Boston, Las Vegas, and California.

All older now than our memories registered, familiar onstage faces broke into grins as we were recognized.

Since 1944, the people of Mitchell Wiggins have combined the highest level of accounting and business expertise with the kind of passion and true personal commitment that builds strong enduring relationships and successful outcomes for our clients.

Fire and Embers Recently, I had a poignant, sad, joyful and profound experience.


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    CBC Archives looks at the atomic bomb, its impact on Hiroshima and its legacy.

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    This article is supposed to raise the level of understanding. Talking openly about the topic is hard because of the tone I often hear, as in the terms Asian Fetish or Yellow Fever.

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    Fire up your browser or mobile browser and search thousand of hot women and men some singles some are just wanting to chit chat and make friends.

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    She assumed creative control for her fourth studio album, Stripped (2002), which produced five successful singles, including "Dirrty", "Beautiful", and "Fighter".

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    I was 55-years-old, and yet my Christian upbringing still had a stranglehold on my sexuality.

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    And when it comes to, shall we say, couples, no one tops the open-minded pairings found in dating sims.

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    H Mates focuses on help people with herpes or HPV to groove their way into friendship, romance and even permanent relationships.

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    Of course, they did have links pointing to their websites, but this was all generated through paid advertising, rather than SEO which is what a large part of this blog covers This is a long read but it combines from a lot of experience from three people who really know how to make money online. Green “Around 17 I started freelance graphic design, as well as participating in paid Age of Empires II tournaments (no, I’m not proud of that).

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