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There are always thousands of users on on our xxx text chat so if you write interesting stuff in text chat you are sure to get a ton of responses.

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Now it's your turn think of something really fun and wild, something you fantasize about and write it in the chat box and you will be getting off sooner than later.

Mac Users: Try our Flash version of text chat or enable Java: If you see an 'Inactive Plug-in' this may be because Java is no longer enabled by default on some Macs and you must click on the "Inactive Plug-in" link on the center of the page above to "Enable" the Java plugin and use the chat rooms.


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    Women are usually nurses, models, charity or UNICEF workers or antique dealers.

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    Which 'Dancing With The Stars' couples are still together in 2016?

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    Then I saw an update on a site I visit regularly perhaps Brietbart or Drudge (I have no TV, I am TV-free for 15 years).

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    I was 55-years-old, and yet my Christian upbringing still had a stranglehold on my sexuality.

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    He then lights it and begins throwing in more of his costumes, which are in a cardboard box labeled "Butters' Play Clothes"] That does it, you hear me?! No more Postman Butters, No more Inspector Butters, no more Porn Star Butters, no more Professor Chaos, and no more- [a bicycle horn stops him, and he holds on to his Professor Chaos mask. Janus on a child's tricycle glaring at him] Waaahh! As he does, he tosses the Professor Chaos mask back into the cardboard box. Here's a news report] Tom, I'm standing in the heart of South Park's Little Tokyo, where the multitude of our town's Chinese are putting on a festival. [runs to the end of a hall and knocks on the door found there. He looks up and gasps at what he sees: walls covered in newspaper headlines about City Sushi and its chef, and one word written in blood: KILL. Janus reaches the room and Butters looks over his shoulder. Janus squints his face and combs over his hair: it's...] [takes out a cigarette, clips the end off, and lights it] Yes, I'm afraid my Tower of Peace was a rittle bit of trickery, Mr. I'm going to put an end to you, and everyone gonna think it's just because you did what Japanese people ruve doing most. Of all his multiple personalities, the strongest was Lu Kim. They try and shut down my Shitty Wok, but they never wiiiiill.

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