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But Patrice makes a pass at a shocked Robert when they are alone—and nobody believes his story.

Later, Patrice suggests to Jerri that she and Michael accompany the young couple on a double date at a restaurant, where Jerri catches Patrice in action.

Unbeknownst to Robert, the manager of the pizza parlor once flunked Robert's class.

Meanwhile, worried about gaining weight, Zaria appoints Nicholas her "health cop." Every time she takes an unnecessary bite of food, Nicholas gets to punish her by looking at a page from her diary.

Robert pretends to forget his anniversary, while all the while he's made special plans for a surprise romantic evening with Jerri; but when the evening arrives, he must first attend a lecture with special guest Jeffrey Osborne.

When an unexpected blizzard ruins Robert's special anniversary plans, he convinces the singing star to come to his house and help save his marriage.


Michael and Zaria use reverse psychology to get their parents to let them have their grandmother's car by pretending Michael wants a tattoo and Zaria a nose ring, but the plan backfires.Robert and Jerri trick the kids by encouraging them and even driving them to the tattoo/piercing parlor. Wilcox dates a young man and asks Robert's advice on lovemaking—and the disturbing images this arouses in Robert's mind affect his performance with Jerri.


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