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You can help them question different ideas and beliefs, access different viewpoints and enable them to think through their ideas.

Each SOLE will be different and they operate in many different locations – rural, semi-rural, urban and urban slums.

Grannies are people who use Skype to enable self-organized learning in Sugata's 7 SOLE Labs.

They are young and old, men and women, and from a wide variety of backgrounds.

As a Granny, you'll be enabling children who are not connected with an experienced SOLE mediator to take part in self-organized learning experiences.

This will happen in a wide variety of contexts and settings. You'll want to keep an open mind before your session about what to expect and what level the children will be working at, and be open to being flexible and spontaneous in your interactions with them.

However, you may find that in some cases they take a little while to warm up to you and they may be shy, wary or lacking in confidence at first.

Find out more about how to organise your first session.

The goals for the children include: Depending on the children you’re working with the focus of your sessions will vary.

For instance, in SOLEs where literacy levels are poor, conversation may be the main focus.

Not all SOLEs are situated within schools; some are based in community centres and some in private homes. They may be loud, or hot or internet connections may be poor.

Talking to a Granny on Skype allows children the opportunity to be curious, friendly, imaginative and enthusiastic.


In other locations you'll be asking Big Questions and inspiring curiosity.

All children, no matter what their situation, need a friendly and supportive adult to interact with who can be their sounding board.


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