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Languages I Speak: English, Hindi and Bengali About Me: Hey! And for such callers I stay at home; they are my DSC friends.Well we had just became homeless and were driving back from the hospital and had stalled out was 2am and we were pulled over in the hazard lane with lights flashing were waiting on this guy to go get his tow rope and help us to the has station as we were waiting a guy plowed into is from behind at 70 mph he was drunk and also high totaled our car I had gotten out and was pretty much about to fight the guy when I notice my girl could barely move a bystander called 911 she has 3 herniated disc in her bad still can walk better now but still hurts and has to go to a pain management Dr the rest of her life then she heard Dan and Shay Hey you guys Luke amazing job as always sorry I didn't get to talk to you after the show I'm outside if your still here I doubt it. I am 29 now (m), and I don't really care who you are. I like to sit home, and watch movies too after coming back from work.



What turns me off: I hate BATOLABAAZ, jo sukha chat karte hain aur call nahi karte Age: 26 Location: Kolkata Zodiac: acquarius Breast: medium and stiff My Experience in DSC: We always remeber good persons.

What turns me on: Jab koi mere se khul kar romance aur sex ki baatein karta hai toh main wet ho jaati hoon aur phir slowly slowly poora undressed ho jaati hoon aur petting karti hoon.


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    The serial number is 676323, and “Made in USA” is stamped below that.

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