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To my amazing { From: Dad, Mom, & Lexxie}, remarkable S O N Everywhere you journey in life, you will go with my L ve by your side. Truley, j yfully, and more meant to be than words could every say. For I know the plans I have for RBCll "declares the LORD plans to prosper RBCll and not to harm RBCll plans to give RBCll hope and a future. You Are L ved Im blocked from posting on peoples feed, with that being said I saw my sister @Killakelly1 post something regarding Malcolm x and how we as blacks should work together and out of no where a fool replied F Malcolm and her.

You are the j y of my life, the s urce of my dearest memories, the inspirati n for my f ndest wishes, and the sweetest present life c uld ever give to any ne ... So we our very clear we will work together as a people now because we have no choice, listen very caerfully some of us will be made examples of.

Until we learn to respect one another no one else will.Please stop disrespecting the sisters and please understand we are all we have.Sexy Ads adult personal ads are for sexually active men, women and couples.Adult video chat, free text and video ads, blogs, sex forums and more.

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