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Large garden carts are available to move equipment.

Old Quarry campground offers thirteen campsites for tent camping.

Each camp site has a 12' x 12' tent platform, an 8-foot picnic table, 2 deck chairs, and a fire ring (except for Ocean Site #13, which does not have a platform, but does have the best view! Overflow sites without platform, fire ring, or picnic table are also available (some Overflow sites do have a picnic table and fire ring).

Firewood, ice, sundries, and lobsters are available at the camp store.



Amenities in the campground include bathhouse with free hot showers; laundry; Wi Fi for a fee; a great swim pond; access to our Maine shoreline, dock, floats, and kayak launch sites; a camp store with food and sundries; lobsters for sale; lobster bakes; moorings, bike, kayak and canoe rentals; and hiking at the adjacent Settlement Quarry Park, a historic Maine quarry that has a gorgeous view and wonderful signs to teach you about the workings of a quarry. Old Quarry Campground is open April 1 through October 11, 2016.Old Quarry Campground and Property Rules Old Quarry Campground Map Click on the images below to view the Old Quarry Campground campsites. You are welcome to stay on the premises and spend the day with us, however please break camp first.


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