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John Henrik Clarke Learning To Read And Write African History What I have learned thus far about African history is that I am still trying to be half of what the Master Teachers were up to the point of writing this Hub.

What I am saying is that, as a student and writer of African history, I am still a student of African history who is still learning how to read and write African history, originate and compose the history of African people as I have learnt from the Master Teachers, of which I will be trying to write about, also attempt to compose and rewrite South African African History.

He also served as the author, contributor, or editor of 24 books.



He was a Distinguished Visiting Professor of African History at the Center in the 1970s.He also made an invaluable contribution to the establishment of its curricula. Clarke is the author of numerous articles that have appeared in leading scholarly journals.


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    The earliest blankets were solid colours but in 1798 an order for a white blanket with stripes of red, blue, green, and yellow were placed with the English manufacturer, resulting in the identifiable Hudson’s Bay Company classic pattern blanket.

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    In the year 2012, she completed her master in Communications from the Stanford University. Later on she was disqualified the session not because of weak performance but what happened is that she was frustrated with the periphery as she was amateur.

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