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A badly behaved gentleman looking to talk to lovely ladies and gorgeous girls of all ages. I'd love to share an intimate moment with a complete stranger. Yes, I have a cock but just want to be a sexy lil girl for her daddy.No limits on the roleplay, we can do any taboo roles. I am a 74 year old male and a retired aerospace engineer.HOT CHAT - USA - UK - Canada - Australia - Austria - Belgium - Brazil - Denmark - Egypt - Germany - Hong Kong - Hungary - India - Ireland - Israel - Italy - Jordan - Luxembourg - Maldives - Mexico - Norway - Portugal - Romania - Russia - Saudi Arabia - Sri Lanka - Sweden - Switzerland - Turkey - UAE - Yemen - Girls Chats - Boys Chats - Teens Chat - Seniors Chat - Videochat - Flirtchat - Peoples Chat - Chatrandom - Chat Pakistan Our Chats online now are absolutely FREE [email protected]$Www.


I am a Very dominant man looking for submissive women, or women who are interested in being submissive.And having their orgasm controlled and denied to the point where they are begging and pleading for it, but you only get to cum when you're told to and i... I guess do g hi means I get best of both worlds as you can enjoy - he soft sexy shape of a woman's body, or the hard ere t power of a man's heat. Hey used to be on here under the same name but apparently my account got deleted.After not being back in so long I hope the community is still fun as it used to be. Playin' video games and stuff, healing your ass as a goblin priest in Wo W :3 I think its pretty obvious what at least one of my fantasies might involve. Do you wonder if you are too taboo and kinky for the rest of the world?Well I do and want to roleplay with you right now hehe.


I am in a sexless marriage of 50 years the last 20 or so without sex. I have a fetish for nylons and satin lingerie I would love to hook up with someone...---Overview: General roleplay character set to play in a wide range of settings (modern, sci-fi, fantasy, and more, original or existing).

Feel free to start a roleplay by sending a post, or to PM if you just want to chat and get to know one another...


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