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Find out which type of language exchange is right for you.Before you begin practicing, please read the free guideline, How To Do A Language Exchange for hints on doing an effective language exchange.Click on a name for more information or to contact the member. Have learnt some Spanish by self-study and an adult (very) part-time class for one term, but I really want conversation practice. I'm 63, married, 2 adult children, now just about retired, having worked as a clinical .....I'm a British/Irish teacher moving to Montreal in a few months- I'd like to practice speaking French with patient and nice people :) In return I can of course help you with your English skills- it was my job for the last 1 and a half years! My name is Adam Lee and I am fluent in English and Indonesian :) I am able to help those who want to speak, and write english better :) In Exchange I would like to learn Arabic and Japanese. Hi, I need to pratices my conversation in English language, for improve my vocabulary and make a friends, as a I am foreing person I can not get a mormal chat with natives and here I hope that I can exchange my native language (Brasilian Portuguese) .....Here are 20 of our most recent Northampton members that could become your language exchange partners.To view all registered Northampton language exchange members, please click here.


In short, you have everything you need to find and practice with your Northampton language exchange partners.

The type of exchange that is right for you depends on your location, proficiency level in the language you are practicing and your learning goals.


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