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We are terribly sorry but we cannot show the topic that you were looking for.This may be for a few reasons: * The topic has been removed by our administrators.* The topic has been merged or reorganized within our taxonomy.Free In-Store Bike Assembly when purchased online or in-store. Tackle all rides with the Nishiki® Adult Manitoba Road Bike.DICK'S Sporting Goods will provide free in-store assembly service by a certified technician for any bicycle purchased on our website or in our stores (proof of purchase required).If you choose to assemble the bicycle yourself, DICK'S Sporting Goods is not responsible for injuries or damages resulting from improper assembly.NOTICE: Used Bikes and/or bikes purchased online that have been assembled are non-returnable.We strongly recommend that a professional bicycle mechanic properly assembles, repairs, and maintains the bicycle.


Designed with a lightweight aluminum frame, this flat bar road bike gives a smooth and comfortable ride over rough surfaces.

The Shimano components make shifting and pedaling more efficient whether you're climbing uphill or gliding down the street.

i had spent countless hours researching and had come down to the Giant escape 2 and the Fuji Absolute series.

I happened upon this bike and when comparing specs it cannot be beaten.


aluminum frame which they all have, and altus on the front and average on the back. it looks sharp i went and looked at the others and to buy them was to waste money.

they use the same components and are more expensive. seats are very personal don't expect to get lucky with this one but i haven't on any other bikes either.


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