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Agent Under Fire was a pretty solid entry, while Nightfire stands as one of the best 007 games released (alongside Golden Eye and Everything or Nothing).Recently, with Activision owning the rights to the Bond license, they decided to bring Golden Eye back as a re-imagining, with Eurocom behind the project.“James Bond Will Return…” It’s a line we’ve seen at the end of the credits roll over the course of the film series’ 50 year history.Ever since Golden Eye 007 graced the video game market for the N64, we’ve seen numerous Bond games get released over the last decade and a half.2/5 With the latest Bond movie, Skyfall, that released in November, Eurocom decided to build a story lightly around one of the key moments that happens early in that film.As it is no surprise as this was shown in the movie and game’s trailers, Bond is caught in a chase after an operative who obtained a disk drive that contains all of MI6’s secret agents’ covers.



Bond is then pushed off the top of a train, off the overpass and free-falls to what is presumably his death.

As he hits the water, the developers decided to use this as a way of Bond recollecting memories of previous missions from previous 007 films: Goldfinger, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, License to Kill, Die Another Day and Moonraker.


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