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GOLDEN to act as Co-Executor with the other of them.

I have three children, all of whom are the issue of my marriage to NANCY BARBATO SINATRA: NANCY SINATRA LAMBERT, FRANCIS WAYNE SINATRA, and CHRISTINA SINATRA. My Executor shall have absolute discretion as to how much cash, if any, to invest at interest. I authorize my Executor to invest and reinvest funds of my estate, including surplus moneys and the proceeds from the sale of any assets of my estate, in every kind of property, specifically including, but not by way of limitation, corporate or governmental obligations of every kind, securities of any regulated investment trust, and stocks, preferred or common and any common trust fund administered by any corporate fiduciary under this Will. It is my intention that my Executor be permitted to take advantage of all tax savings that the law of any jurisdiction allows, without regard to conflicting interests of those interested in my estate and without making any adjustments among such persons.

If two of said three individuals become unable, unwilling or ceases to act as Executor, I nominate CITY NATIONAL BANK, Beverly Hills, California, to act as Co-Executor with the remaining individual, or as sole Executor if all three of said individuals become unable, unwilling, or cease to act hereunder.

Indeed, part of the “fun” is their bewilderment - as the characters in the sketch, these two internationally famous womanisers (“what do you consider most important in a date”: “38-24-28”) and also as the performers of the sketch - wondering “what the hell are we doing in this?

Notice that it takes the audience a moment or two pick up on Dean’s “I can’t think straight” gag. Frank Sinatra appeared on The Dean Martin Show on 2 January 1969 and 31 December 1970.

Since a quick search shows that a large number of sitcoms had plot gimmicks about computer dating and a few chat shows and news programmes featured discussion of computer dating in 1969, I suspect this means computer dating was a current topic and that this sketch is therefore from the 1969 show.

While the Last Will and Testament of Frank Sinatra gives us a great deal of information about how Ol' Blue Eyes disposed of a portion of his property, the largest gifts under his Will are to various trusts that he established during his lifetime, which are totally private. Whenever the word "Executor" or "Co—Executor" is used in this Will, it shall be deemed to refer to whichever one or more of them is acting from time to time.

For more information about Frank Sinatra, please see his biography in Wikipedia. I am married to BARBARA SINATRA, who in this Will is referred to as "my Wife." I was formerly married to NANCY BARBATO SINATRA, to AVA GARDNER SINATRA, and to MIA FARROW SINATRA, and each of said marriages were subsequently dissolved. I direct that no bond shall be required of any Executor or Co—Executor as a condition to qualifying to serve hereunder, whether acting jointly or alone. I authorize my Executor to sell, lease, mortgage or encumber the whole or any part of my estate, with or without notice; to transfer registered securities into street name or to hold them in the name of a nominee, without any liability on the part of my Executor; and at the option and sole discretion of my Executor, to continue to hold, manage and operate any property, business or enterprise that may be an asset of my estate from time to time, whether in corporate, partnership (limited or general) or other form, and whether or not such asset is one in which my Executor is personally interested, the profits or losses therefrom to inure to or be charged against my estate and not my Executor.

This sketch starts off with the pair disappointed to discover they’ve been matched up together, gradually accepting their compatibility, dancing together and then the cops come to dance them off stage.

This sketch is more about the two enjoying themselves together in front of an appreciative audience, which is the whole rat pack thing.


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