Females of window rock arizona

Looking into the cave, the left side is deeper than the right.

The height of the ceiling descends steeply from a maximum height of 25 feet at the entrance to less than a foot along the back wall.

This area was the best sheltered defensive position for the Unfortunately, the cave has been looted, as noted in an application for the National Register of Historic Places.

Some relics and artifacts shown in early photos of the cave taken when it was rediscovered by a cowboy, Jefferson Davis Adams, in 1906, were gone in later explorations; and in the period 1905 to 1911 more looting occurred during construction of Roosevelt Dam.

In 1984 a Phoenix outdoor writer pictured material in his column taken from the site.

The dirt floor toward the back of the shelter has been dug down at least 3 feet by illegal digging and screening. The bones of the massacre victims were removed around 1933, sixty-one years later, and reburied at Fort Mc Dowell by the Yavapai.

His father was a farmer who had emigrated from Maryland to Ohio after the war of 1812.

It is reached by a steep perilous climb either up from below or down from above, to an elevation of about 2,450 feet.

Skeleton Cave, which was also known as Apache Cave and Skull Cave, will not be precisely located in this article.



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