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Be the DJ yourself and make a playlist to reflect your every mood and passion – put YOUR spin on OUR music. It’s vital you know exactly how to talk to women if you’re looking to convert conversations into telephone numbers. As simple as it sounds, if you listen, the conversation is going to be engaging.


Lets start by recapping what the female dating experts say are the top 3 biggest attraction killers: A special mention must go to the two above tied in 3rd place – bragging and talking too much. It was good to see ‘Be present in the moment’ hit the number 3 spot. Make a connection Interestingly, and I think you’ll agree, the Pickup Artists are pretty similar in their advice on how to talk to women as the Female Dating Experts are!Talking too much – this is usually down to both nerves and an attempt to avoid awkward silences. A woman can tell a lot about a man’s confidence from his eyes alone. To improve your interactions with women, the most important points to remember are: • Hold eye contact • Listen to her • Be present and in the moment. That means no stories where you try to show how cool you are, no bragging, no trying to talk yourself up.



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    a method of meeting potential partners in which each participant has only a few minutes to talk to each of his or her dates before being moved on to the next one.

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    You're some bit anxious with this new person and it is Patience dating single mom natural to generally be thinking regarding causing the conversing.

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