Fart chat

This is the right place, with the biggest collection of rude smileys on the whole Internet! These emoticons, however, think it's very funny and amusing and take absolute pleasure in doing it as much as possible!

put: the expulsion of intestinal gases through the anus) is natural reflex that is a part of our bodily functions. This is exactly what every smiley face on this page is experiencing... Breaking wind is a very rude thing to do in front of others and is considered to be extremely bad manners to do so.

We certainly don't recommend this kind of behavior!

We hope that you really enjoy using these animated fart icons.

If you're feeling very cheeky, you can even display them on Skype and Yahoo Messenger.



You can even send in chats on MSN and Live Messenger.(Love at first fart, if you will.) Though deceased, Radcliffe becomes animated—via the power of imagination, magic, hallucination, full-on delusion—and learns social norms and human behavior from Hank, who names his new friend Manny.exaggerated was the “farting corpse” thing, which literally describes Daniel Radcliffe’s character, “Manny,” a dead man whose flatulence is comically out of control.Directors Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan (professionally known together as “Daniels”) tell me it all started with the, an absurd (mostly platonic) love story of a man finding friendship and newfound hope for life in the least likely companion.

—no pun intended—after garnering an infamous Sundance reputation as the “Daniel Radcliffe farting corpse movie" that was "prompting walk-outs.” Paul Dano, who plays the man dragging said farting corpse around, assures me it was just a consequence of splashy headlines.

“That whole thing was pretty exaggerated,” he tells me at the film’s New York premiere at the Metrograph theater, where it seems to have found a much more delighted audience.



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