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The company promotes Face Time as a wholesome use of technology and has stated that no porn is allowed in the app store.But Face Time isn't an app, it's technology built right into the phone.In the wrong hands, however, it could create problems for businesses.Mark Rasch, Director of Cybersecurity says," it creates some liability to the phone manufacturers as well as to the carriers because they're now being used as a mechanism to distribute pornography.Under federal law those kind of entities now have a duty to police and report child pornography that they see." And while Face Time could be a moneymaker for the adult industry, Presley says in its current form there are limitations to its use that will have to be improved.New York: It's a golden rule of technology: Invent something, then wait for the porn industry to find ways to cash in.Just weeks after the launch of the i Phone 4 and its Face Time video-conference feature, two-way sex chat services geared toward consenting adults are already in the works.Carroll adds, "In regards to some of the innovations on the internet we've seen the sex business industry be the first to experiment with new technologies and in a way be the first to prove they're viable."For the adult entertainment industry, Face Time could be a game changer. Help wanted ads on craigslist are seeking out models specifically for Face Time sex chats.


Teagan Presley, says, "you know the same reason why the guys go to the clubs to feature dance.

Same reason why they go to the conventions to meet them in person, I think it actually strengthens the relationship between the star and the fan." Porn services designed for the i Phone puts Apple in an awkward position.

David Carroll, Assistant Professor of Media Design Parsons College, says, "The track record on this shouldn't surprise anyone." Indeed, Internet porn companies were some of the first to make wide use of streaming video and online credit card payments.

Back in the 1970's the demand for explicit videos at home helped VCR's become widespread.

What we've latched on to is the emerging technologies, the mobile market, any new device that comes out that people can consume our product on, we try to make sure we're the first company that has stuff that works for it."Pink Visuals is just one company developing product for the phone.

Adam & Eve contract star, Teagan Presley is considering using Face Time video chats as well.



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