Eyetv program guide not updating

In this case, you should: If you use multiple sources (e.g.Shepherd now has the ability to auto-configure Myth TV for you, which eliminates a few common traps.You are asked whether you want to do this during initial configuration, as described above, but you can also (re-)do it with: This will register Shepherd as 'tv_grab_au' on your system (by creating a symbolic link, usually in /usr/bin/), register itself with Myth TV as the default grabber, and set up a cron job so that your system regularly invokes Shepherd in order to regularly download up-to-date guide data.So after changing things, you can reload the data with: ...which accomplishes the same thing, only using mythfilldatabase's --file option, rather than sending data directly. Most users want this guide data to be regularly fed to another program: see the relevant section below on integration with Myth TV, Freevo, or Eye TV.It's no longer important to choose the "right" user to install Shepherd.(In previous versions, we asked Myth TV users to ensure Shepherd's user matched that of Myth TV.


You can also use these commands to modify Shepherd's output file (~/.shepherd/output.xmltv) and see the changes in Myth TV, if you ever have the urge to tweak (or test) your guide data.It is possible to run Shepherd on one system and feed the resulting guide data to your Myth TV box.Following configuration, Myth TV should begin using Shepherd to obtain guide data within a few minutes. For more information, see the Myth TV section of the FAQ.You might want to manually load Shepherd data into Myth TV if you think Shepherd ran successfully but for some reason the data isn't showing up in Myth TV--perhaps your channels weren't configured correctly or something.

If you're concerned about security, you could create a new user specifically for Shepherd, but be aware that Shepherd is user-specific: once installed for a particular user, it will only run for that user.(This prevents permissions problems.) Installing Shepherd as user "alice" then attempting to run it as user "bob" will begin a fresh install in Bob's directory, to avoid interfering with Alice's.



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