Expat dating saigon


It’s a big city with a population of over 8 million of which many are foreigners of western countries.Therefore there are always some expat bars in Bangkok around the corner.Prices are very reasonable and they have a big variety of drinks. Opened by the same owner who managed the famous Q-Bar in Saigon, Vietnam.It is a very popular expat bar in Bangkok where you will meet many foreigners.

Many expats meet after work in one of the many of bars of the city.These are some of the better known expat bars in Bangkok: Located at one of the most popular streets of Bangkok, cheap charlies attracts all kind of expats to Sukhumvit Soi 11.Located at the busy Victory Monument this bar attracts many expats who are into Jazz and live music.It’s a very relaxed and rustic bar with two stories.

Everybody who wants is welcome to leave his business card on a wall at the back of the bar which today covered by hundreds of cards from all over the world.

Prices at this bar are very cheap and start at 60 baht for a chang beer. Very reasonable and you will always find somebody to have a chat with.



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