Exchange 2016 offline address book not updating cached mode


The first item to consider is a change to the OAB generation schedule.If you know that your administrators are only making changes up until 6pm each day, then waiting until 5am the next day to update the OAB is probably unnecessary.Consider the following process: So it is easy to understand why changes may not appear in the address book for cached-mode Outlook users for 24-48 hours after the change is actually made.

A common reason for this is the offline address book (OAB) schedules that are in place for the environment.In an Exchange Server 2010 organization it is normal for there to be some delay before administrative changes appear in the address book for Outlook users.For example, a staff member changes surnames and the help desk updates their Active Directory account with the new name.In the Exchange Management Console navigate to Organization Configuration - Mailbox and select the Offline Address Book tab.


Open the Properties of the OAB you want to modify and look at the Update Schedule.The default schedule runs daily at 5am, and there are some other pre-configured schedules you can choose as well.


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