Everquest launcher updating


(Update, as pointed out in a comment below, since the new launcher, this method no longer works) I don’t play Ever Quest II anymore, but figured maybe someone else might find this useful as well.

Sometimes when using the patcher the download might get stuck on a certain file and in those cases it might be useful to manually download the file, either with your browser or with a download accellerator (such as Free Download Manager).

To download a file manually outside of the Ever Quest II patcher you need the full URL of the file.


If you have a Linux system, you can also pass the XML file through xmllint to make it prettier: This tells us the server details, which we can now use to build the full URL: URL you can open in your browser to download the file manually.Also note that some files are compressed on the server.If you find a file that ends in a extension you need to use one of the compression utilities above to decompress it first before placing it in your Ever Quest II directory.The fastest and simplest way is to install Everquest Launchpad.

You can also install Everquest on a new computer by copying the installation directory from another computer via a USB memory stick, hard drive, or DVD.If all else isn't possible, just a copy of the Everquest patcher (everquest.exe) is sufficient to bootstrap an install.



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