Eteract online speeddating

Uneasy about meeting people through online chats and personals?

There must be a better way to meet potential partners in Asia!

LUNCH ACTUALLY, Asia's premier lunch dating company offers you the chance to get acquainted over lunch, coffee or even after work drinks!


Once you receive the other party's profile, you will know that there has been a 'mutual match'!

Meet other like-minded singles by joining special interest clubs or singles who are online and ready to chat in a group using our 3D Chat.

With a proven track record in offline matchmaking and being pioneers of the dating industry in Asia, the founders of e Synchrony were confident of their ability to find great matches for singles.

They developed the e Synchrony matching algorithm which combines years of experience in matchmaking combined with the latest technology of intelligent profiling.


Eteract, the World's First Online Activities Site for Singles is brought to you by the same team that created Lunch Actually, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong's First and Largest Lunch Dating company. By participating in fun and interactive activities online, you will experience a more natural and less awkward method of meeting and socializing with like-minded singles online.

You can get to know fellow Eteract users over an online speed dating session.


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