Error updating time

Under internet time, it says that the clock was successfully synchronized with time.on 9/12/2009 at PM, but its only here.

How can the clock get synchronized at a time that hasn't arrived yet?

If you are encountering a Word Press error message or white screen, don't panic.

Someone will have encountered the same message before and it can easily be solved.

Checked = True Then DBS = "T" Else DBS = "F" End If 'MONDAY If CB_Monday.

I haven’t had issues in the past updating but I will certainly be more careful from now on!time.or any of the other options will NOT work i just keep getting this error: An error occurred while Windows was synchronizing with time.Im unable the install some programs because of this error. Then i put it in a query and it should send to the database client. Sub Cmd_Save Click(sender As Object, e As Event Args) 'Create checkbox text DOB_DTP = Microsoft. Checked = True Then Fri = "T" Else Fri = "F" End If 'Update into Database SQLcommand = SQLconnect. Command Text = "UPDATE Staff SET Staff_Surname = '" & txt_Surname. Text & "' , Staff_DOB = '" & DOB_DTP & "' , Staff_Contact_No_1 = '" & txt_Contact_1. Everything is working fine when updating except for dates. I take there values and trim them left,10 so i only have the date and put it in a variable. Checked = True Then Thur = "T" Else Thur = "F" End If 'FRIDAY If CB_Friday.


Checked = True Then Tue = "T" Else Tue = "F" End If 'WEDNESDAY If CB_Wednesday. Command Text = "UPDATE [TABLENAME] SET [COLUMN1] = @COLUMN1, [COLUMN2] = @COLUMN2 WHERE [ID] = @ID;" my Sqlcommand.

Checked = True Then Monday = "T" Else Monday = "F" End If 'TUESDAY If CB_Tuesday.


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