Error updating public folder with busy information

If that server is close (in network terms), you’ll get acceptable performance and the free/busy data will be up-to-date and accurate.If your mailbox is on the Exchange server that belongs to the London administrative group, for example, your free/busy information is stored in the SCHEDULE+ FREE BUSY\London public folder.You can view free/busy folder details through the Exchange System Manager console by expanding the public folder root, as Figure 1 shows, then selecting the option from the right-click menu to view system folders.To track users’ availability for meetings, Exchange Server and its clients use free/busy data—a mechanism that often causes angst for Exchange administrators.Few administrators understand how clients publish free/busy data as users update their calendars, where Exchange stores the data, and what the data actually represents.



However, replication of free/busy data affects how current, and thus how accurate, the data is for users trying to schedule meetings.

If your Exchange implementation stores only one copy of the free/busy information for a user, Outlook must connect to that folder on a specific server in the organization.


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