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Includes localized user interfaces for applications, devices, services, and localized spoken prompts.CUCM User locales also include the Network Locale for each country.Network locales are generally produced as a single package intended to cover all supported countries. Usually, there are no LI releases for CUCM and CUPS maintenance (major.minor(maintenance) ex: 8.0(2), 8.0(3)) or service releases (ex: 8.0(3a)su1, 8.0(3a)su2).Includes localized device user interfaces and tones. General rule: Apply the latest Locale Installer release that matches the major.minor version of CUCM. Locate the latest LI with a major.minor number that matches your CUCM or CUP (new name CUCM IM&P) major.minor version.Combined Network Locales include network locales for all countries that are supported.A network locale covers the specific localization needs of a country, these include telephone dial and ringing tones and those that are required by a gateway to generate local tones on the network (whether it is for IP networks or Time Division Multiplexing networks on the Public Switched Telephone Network) and network annunciators that are played via a gateway.There are Locale Installer (LI) releases for every CUCM and CUPS major and minor release. For example, the latest locale installer for CUCM 6.1.x is LI (as of December 2009).Here are some exceptions for the matching "major.minor" number rule: You will need: CUCM User Locale for every CUCM server, CUP (new name CUCM IM&P) user locale for every CUP server.


Locales are essentially additions to the base CUCM product.

If you need network tones for countries which we have no supported User Locale yet, you will need to apply the Combined Network Locale Installer on every CUCM server.

A user locale is comprised of localized graphical user interface, telephone user interface and annunciators (audio prompts) that can be heard via a telephone.

User locales are produced individually and are specific to a language and country combination. Network Locale and Combined Network Locale are synonymous.

As additions on top of the base product Locales require some special considerations.This document attempts to capture those special considerations.


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