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We've packaged this great featureset with additional support into our Premium service. She is extremely popular under the young Albanian audience in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Republic of Macedonia. This is because she was the first singer to introduce R&B style to the Albanian public... Unikkatil (born in 1981) (birth name Viktor Palokaj, also known as Rebel a.k.a.Unikkatil) is a rapper and producer from Pritina, Kosovo, who proclaims himself the "King" of the Albanian hip-hop scene. Streams hosted from sites like ustream, justin, youtube, limev are embedded here.Movie - 1 Miljon Euro Movie - Nentori i dyte Movie - Skenderbeut Movie - Revolveri Movie - Fati Jone Movie - Dasma e Bariut Movie - Vjeshta Trendafilave Movie - Krim pa Krisma Movie - Muri i gjalle Movie - Hikmetja Movie - Metropolet Movie - Mergimtari Movie - Qesh Ngjesh Movie - Liri a Vdekje Movie - Bjeshket e Nemuna Movie - Te Gjall...We strive to have the most up to date local and global issues important to Albanians, to ensure our continued success.E-Mail us a [email protected] find out how you can advertise your business at "Alba Nur".

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