Emma thompson and alan rickman dating

While there's no final word from filmmakers about the fate of these two characters, their final scene might give the audience a hint.If you look super closely as Harry's hand at the airport, he's still wearing his wedding band.With the way their story ended — Karen discovering Harry had been unfaithful — it's a fair question to ask.However, it seems the answer might be simpler than expected.It's a ritual that can help you survive the impending stress of family get-togethers, and give you the perfect lines to quote in every holiday situation.It's no wonder the 2003 British film is a modern-day classic: It somehow manages to perfectly intertwine nine different storylines and offer a little something for everyone.


But, while some Love Actually stories rank above others, there's one storyline that stood out for leaving the audience without an answer: Harry, Karen, and Mia.Over a decade after the movie's release, I know I'm still wondering if Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson's characters Harry and Karen got divorced.



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