Embarrasing dating stories

We returned to his bedroom for the obvious reasons.I hadn't planned on spending the night, so after a couple hours of fooling around I insisted on leaving. no no no.cannot go out and say that to him.not repeat that.i go back out to the room..i pass out on his shoulder.then i wake up and i knew i was going to puke..i ran down the stairs somehow.it ALL came out.as the ball was dropping..literally. he went upstairs to get my jacket.then found me passed out on the ground like 15 feet from where i puked..i puked probably 4 more times after that..needless to say.still called me after that.we've been together for 2 years.still to this day laugh about how scared he was to ever call me again for how retarded i acted. I was asked out by a guy who was doing a Ph D (I think) in something to do with medieval plumbing.As we are getting ready to go, he asks "Do you think I'm fat? so i feel slightly lame even posting lol.oh first real date with this guy in college that i liked.was new years.go to this party with my sister and her friend..i really am not a heavy drinker by any means..i mean..i can definitely drink alot more now.at this point in time..i hadn't really ever drank alot..i start drinking out of control..shots here, shots there..stealing peoples beers..i felt fine and then it all caught up with me.i still thought i wasn't drunk..i fell off a chair.then couldn't walk to the bathroom.he had to walk me there..i get in there and my sister and her friend who was in there puking..i sit on the toilet to pee.apparently i start talking to my sister about the guy.i kept saying i LOVE WILLIE.. lol Liz you first message made me think about the movie with Uma Thurman where she starts dating a young guy after getting divorced and finds out he is really young and lives with his aunt and uncle I think. I have a worst date story from clear back in high school. He took me from one castle to the next (there are a lot in Wales) and pointed out the shit chutes where m'lady (or gentleman) would retire to the garderobe in the bedroom, do the business and a servant would come in and tip up the potty rinsing it with water.I had to pee, so I stood up, excused myself and started walking toward the bathroom, at which point he got up and followed me. I coordinated one of the Q&A sessions the patrons attended before the party & went to the party mostly for the free food & wine.I tried to get him to go away; I wanted to shut the door so I could pee. The co-worker I was chatting with got called away and as I was finishing my wine, two guys started talking to me.Okay, So, this was brought up in "The Person Below Me" thread.I know I'm not the only person to suffer through an awful/embarrassing date situation.Home, it turned out, was a room he was renting from an aunt.

Everything went smoothly and we went back to my place. He said, and I quote: "C'mon, you can't tell me it wouldn't turn you on to piss all over me." I wasn't sure if I heard him correctly... I'd see them all over the place together, and all I could think was... So, that one should get you all off to a good start. I don't think I can top that, even though the theme is related. I was a freshman, he a senior (I have a feeling the frat house had a fall challenge - sleep with a freshman in the first month: 25 points! We all know that institutional cooking is not always the best, and obviously I had eaten something that didn't agree with me, cause half way through the movie (close encounters, yes, it was 1977) my stomach started going full blast with the gurgling and the swooshing, and then I was hit with an attack of *flatus*, and not just innocent little noises...We were talking and having a good time and started kissing a little bit. Needless to say, he didn't get his 25 points, nor did he call me again. Not too long after I first moved to Brooklyn, I was working at an arts organization & as an employee got to attend one of the patron events.Since I was the only woman under the age of 30, one of the charismatic young men began hitting on me--mercilessly flirting and with much flattery.So, after a couple of hours of his attention and several glasses of wine, having learned where he grew up, went to school, what he was studying, and so on, I agreed to go home with him.

To make you all feel better about yours (and to hopefully encourage you to share yours with me) I will start. All I could tell him was that yes, indeed I could tell him that it would NOT be a turn on and to please leave.

I went out on a couple of dates with this guy I had known (like an acquaintance) for a couple of years. After that he started dating this other girl that I knew from school.



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