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Finally there must be withdrawal symptoms upon quitting. The autonomy and sense of purpose that being an entrepreneur provides me, knowing that I’m choosing to serve a particular customer in a way that ignites my passions is a massive intrinsic motivator in my life.


Applikationen är användarvänlig med bl a automatisk geometrikontroll och som van Auto CAD-användare är det lätt att komma igång att jobba i den.

In the case of entrepreneurship this might be a tendency to double down on risk in the face of failure. I choose not to overwork and my business provides for the needs of myself and my family.

The company is failing so let’s pump twice as much money into it to make it succeed.

And, just because someone has a glass of wine or two now and again, it doesn’t mean they are addicted. And being lost to entrepreneurship is stronger than that. And yet we have no willpower over whether we breathe it or not.

The most common medical definitions of addiction are: The word usage, “being given up to,” indicates something of biblical proportions e.g. It conveys a loss of willpower, a lack of choice in the matter, compulsion. Air is not an addiction because it does not carry harmful consequences (unless perhaps you’re in Beijing on a bad day ;)).The term is used in reference to all those in all areas of the sex industry including those who provide direct sexual services as well as the staff of such industries.



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