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Being a truly ancient geezer, I first heard of her from a mention in the Allan Sherman song "Al 'n' Yetta" (sung to the tune of Allouette).

I was fully expecting Loretta Young to appear as one of the clues when the category was announced.

I would never have recognized her picture at all, but got it from the question.

Buzzy seemed to have buzzer trouble during the first round...came back in the Double Jeopardy, which had some very stupid category titles...... Once the winner took the lead, the game belonged to ... Anyway with Buzzy losing, we'll never know what was going to be the next body part he would've rubbed.

When I saw her picture this morning on the contestants page, I thought you guys would love our new champ! It kind of seemed as though he realized early on that this was going to be it.

He seems to be having fun but he sure is odd looking.


I knew almost every single question that all three of them passed on, and was actually shocked that the other woman didn't know about the Swiss Guards.

Final was one of the biggest give-aways they've had yet.

BTW, I said it in the last thread and I'll say it again: A Jeopardy thread isn't complete without it's original mascot, Tom the Bartender . I just don't find him obnoxious, although something is slightly off about him to actually declare him officially "hot" IMHO.

Art: Last night's Final question was a bit convoluted, but hinged on knowing who painted "Nude Descending a Staircase" 100 years ago.

I guessed wrong, and so did the three of them (Buzzy wrote in a snappy rejoinder to Alex instead). That woman was so fat, her chin was in the MIDDLE of her face.

OMG.....a dour lesbian with a lisp, a woman with her breasts at her waistline, and our hero Buzzy. If someone had to beat Buzzy, I wished it were that dour looking woman instead.



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