Eharmony dating tips

The site attracts a more mature, more serious audience, so the questions focus on core values.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but a focus on core values means less opportunity to be light, funny, and playful.

Gabe said it felt great to get results, but he was most excited by one match in particular: “She’s the best girl I’ve ever dated, times 100! Consider a question like “The most important thing I am looking for in a person is”.

A boring answer would be something like “I am looking for somebody who’s funny and adventurous.” Do you see any personality sparkling through in that answer? Here’s an answer to the same question from a more interesting profile: “If you’re up for hopping on a last-minute flight to South America with me and would have a good sense of humor if the flight gets delayed, we’re all set.” Factually, both answers are pretty similar.

He was beginning to feel like e Harmony was a waste of time. e Harmony uses a “guided communication” process, in which matches start by sending each other multiple choice questions.

But before giving up, Gabe came to me for some e Harmony advice. His answers to the e Harmony profile questions didn’t paint a picture of what kind of guy Gabe was. Slowly the communication builds up to the “open communication” stage.

And he was pretty successful on other dating sites. There are a couple of reasons why your e Harmony profile isn’t interesting. His e Harmony profile had been up for months, and he couldn’t get a date! That’s a nice feature, but it also means that you get fewer matches than you would on other dating sites.Gabe was discouraged that no one had shown interest. And if your profile doesn’t sound interesting, those precious few matches can decline, or “close” on, you before you can even say Seinfeld, she’s probably not marriage material anyway…) So what can you do about a boring e Harmony profile?

Once Gabe realized his profile needed to reflect his personality, he rewrote his profile… He was going on so many dates that he started using queue management, an engineering technique, to keep up with his dating life. For one thing, if your profile is interesting, people will be intrigued and you’ll get more messages.After all, no one wants to waste money on a string of bad dates. So let’s look at how to give your profile a sparkling personality, just like yours. Pay attention to what people mention when they contact you.


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    If your profile comes across as too sophisticated, we’re afraid you’re going to make us sell our Xbox One on e Bay. Put fun key words in your profile to get us on the hook, then you can switch the game up once we’re dating and we won't even notice that we’re apple picking with you on the weekends.” –James, 42"I met a woman who didn't have a profile photo and neither did I, but she mentioned she loved a city I recently visited and loved too.

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