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The metric system has been officially adopted as the international standard for use in science, providing scientists all over the world with an efficient way of comparing the results of experiments conducted at different times and in different places.1.the measuring and recording of variations in fluid pressure, as blood pressure.2. alignment: Hoshin planning and Kanri are beneficial in aligning functional areas of the organization with corporate-level goals; and Six Sigma focuses on improving the underlying processes, resulting in measures that are aligned by process.The International System (abbreviated SI, for Système International, the French name for the system) was adopted in 1960 by the 11th General Conference on Weights and Measures.


All systems of measurement use units whose amounts have been arbitrarily set and agreed upon by a group of people.

Several systems of measurement are in common use, notably the United States Customary System and the metric system.

The key features of the International System are decimalization, a system of prefixes, and a standard defined in terms of an invariable physical measure.

The International System has base units from which all others in the system are derived.

Derived units can be divided into two groups—those that have a special name and symbol, and those that do not.

A method for determining quantity, capacity, or dimension.



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