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It does not matter how small our single actions are, it is the sum of them that will make a difference.Plan your meals, be in control of what you have in your cupboards and fridge, get skilled at making the right portions, use leftovers in creative ways, store your food properly, monitor how much food you waste every month in order to make your habits visible and set new goals.This manual is a guide for journalists working in the republics of the former Soviet Union and is a practical textbook focusing on reporting, writing and editing for independent newspapers.


Supermarkets have the power to change what happens in the supply chain.Food is the result of a long journey, from the farmer to our homes. And with it we throw away all the precious resources that are key to producing it.This journey - the supply chain - uses enormous quantities of the Earth’s resources. Tradition and good cooking produce taste, nourishment, joy, passion, life. Here are just a few: technical problems during packaging; storage in difficult climatic conditions; supermarkets rejecting funny-looking fruit and vegetables for fear we will not buy them; shelf displays that tempt us to buy more than we need; cooking too much food at mealtimes.Imagine how powerful it would be if the whole school got involved by simply discussing the issue or inviting key players such as farmers or local supermarkets to talk about food waste, by organizing a play on the topic, a music show, a competition to engage parents and other schools.

Supermarket beliefs about customer preferences can result in farmers having to waste shocking amounts of the food they grow if it does not meet overly strict cosmetic standards.

The food-waste calendar Download, print and share the food-waste calendar to have fun while you record if food is wasted at home.



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