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If you perform a long running operation in the main thread, the application does not respond to user interaction during the execution time of this operation.Blocking the user interaction is considered a bad practice.This thread runs the event loop for the application and is the only thread that is allowed to interact with the user interface (UI).It is called the All events in the user interface are executed one after another.OK_STATUS; } private void pre Configure Task(Task task, IProgress Monitor monitor) { Sub Monitor sub Monitor = Sub Monitor.convert(monitor, 100); sub Task Name("Preconfiguring Task " + Summary()); // ...// get UISynchronize injected as field @Inject UISynchronize sync; // more code Job job = new Job("My Job") { @Override protected IStatus run(IProgress Monitor monitor) { // do something long running //...// If you want to update the UI sync.async Exec(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { // do something in the user interface // e.g. OK_STATUS; } }; // Start the Job job.schedule();protected IStatus run(IProgress Monitor monitor) { // convert to Sub Monitor and set total number of work units Sub Monitor sub Monitor = Sub Monitor.convert(monitor, 100); if(task Needs Preconfiguration(task)) { // Takes 30 % of the work pre Configure Task(task, sub Monitor.split(30)); } // ensure only 70 % of the work remains sub Work Remaining(70); // do the rest of the work work On Task(task, sub Monitor.split(70)); return Status.

This tutorial describes how to do asynchronous work within Eclipse plug-ins and RCP applications.It explains the usage of the Jobs API for performing asynchronous tasks.


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