Earliest paparyi dating

Another factor contributing to the survival of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri is the location of the city.

As Oxyrhynchus lies on a branch of the Nile, rather than on the bank of that mighty river, the city is spared from the river’s annual inundation.

Amongst these items were texts written on papyri that the people of Oxyrhynchus no longer wanted.

The city of Oxyrhynchus (meaning ‘sharp-nosed’ in Greek) is located in the Minya Governorate in Upper Egypt, 160 km (99 mi) to the southwest of Cairo.

Whilst other writing materials, such as vellum and parchment, are also known to be durable, papyrus could be produced cheaply as well.

This means that papyrus has a high chance of surviving in the archaeological record.

First, they have works of ancient literature that are not known to have survived anywhere else in the world.

Additionally, there are many texts that provide an insight into everyday life in Egypt, Greece, and Rome.Additionally, when the canals dried up, the water table fell and never rose again.



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