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The court also heard from an Emirati psychiatrist, E?H, 35, who said the woman's mental impairment "may make her unable to control her desires like sex".However, he said that even if the man's story was true, given the woman's condition any sex that occurred should be considered forceful.

Meanwhile, a psychiatrist testified to the Criminal Court that even if the man's account is true, because of the woman's mental impairment the sex should still be considered forceful.The woman told prosecutors she gave the man her mobile number after the pair met on Facebook and other social-networking sites. "He asked me to show him my flat, but I refused." She said that he found out where she lived and arrived outside, after which she took a photograph of him and his car."He followed me to the flat and as I was entering he pushed me to the ground and locked the door," she said."Even so, the sex would still be forceful." The court denied bail and scheduled the next hearing for September 24.

As she tried to get up the man knocked her down and kicked her in the back before ripping off her clothes and raping her, she said. About half an hour later the woman's mother arrived, finding her daughter on the ground wearing only a shirt.The daughter said she had been assaulted and the mother called police. "He told me that the woman asked to see him and that when he went to meet her she told him to follow her to the apartment," the police officer said.


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