Dropbox folder not updating on mac

KISSr is a service that lets you host static websites using Dropbox as a web host.The advantage of KISSr over other competitors discussed in this article is that it lets you register and use a proper custom domain name instead of using sub-domains or long URLs.Drop Pages is an web application that connects to your Dropbox account to create a site for you.The benefit of using Drop Pages is that it does not restrict any space usage like KISSr and gives you a subdomain (yourname.droppages.com) to access your site.After you sign into your account, you will be greeted with screen where you can press the Allow button in order to proceed.



If you are a newbie or only want to host static HTML pages, you can make use of your Dropbox account.

Now click on “Create a new site” button and enter the name of your site, e.g., mte.droppages.com5. Site44 is another service very similar to Drop Pages.

Just go to KISSr site, enter the name you want for your site (you’ll need to start with a sub-domain) and then click on the big Try it button.

The biggest disadvantage of using KISSr is that even though you are using Dropbox as the backend, it will limit the overall storage and bandwidth of your account.

Although there are a lot of cloud storage providers, but Dropbox leads the pack with its innovative APIs and features.

Apart from cloud storage, you can use Dropbox for a lot of purposes.



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