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If it's saved anywhere else, there will be problems. Upload all files to your site by selecting your root folder, and clicking the "sync" button in the files window.

Template1This is the first file you make using the template file (Template1). This will upload all the new files, not just the ones you remember making.

You can see that you can only edit the editable region (Main). Save it in your lessons folder, not your "Templates" folder. Make another file the same way, with different words and pictures, and save it as Template Page1 Make sure you have an editable region called "Main". Save this file as Template2A.html, and do the same for Template1B.html, applying the new template, and saving it as Template2 Template1Your first template Template2Your second template Template1This is the first page you build using your first template.


Make sure you name this folder "Templates", and make sure you put it in the root folder of your site. To make a template, go to File HTML template and pick a layout. Or, you can just open a page you've already made and make it into a template by adding editable regions.Select an area or div, and define this as an editable template region for your main content.



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