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Paul Tansey nails the lie that Douglas Gageby was an editor and journalist not interested in the economics of newspapers.He was in fact acutely aware of marketing, understood budgets as well as any accountant ever did and used those skills to boost the circulation of at a crucial phase in its existence.People in the media - newspapers, radio and television - love talking and reading and writing about people in the media.We fool each other that the rest of the world finds us as fascinating as we find ourselves.

He gave me my head in Dublin in 1968 when I was the trainee reporter, in Belfast from 1969 until 1972, and he let me go to the Middle East to cover the October War in 1973.

He ticked me off when needed but his encouragement and protection for me and my family, through all our time in Belfast was something I had never experienced before, nor since.

And James Downey, who of all the contributors here probably knew Douglas best of all, makes the most telling point when he writes of how Douglas managed to stop the newspaper being the house organ of the Church of Ireland and Trinity College: "If Gageby had not broken the mould the paper would not have prospered. It owes its colossal successes, the standing it has since enjoyed in society, to the labour of many hands, but overwhelmingly it owes them to one man".

with Douglas Gageby as my editor from 1968 until he retired for the first time in the early 1970s, giving way to Fergus Pyle. I admired him beyond compare as a journalist, an editor and an inspiration.

under Douglas Gageby has brought together other sons and daughters from those heady days in a remarkable collection of essays.

The complex, charismatic character who was the finest journalist in 20th-century Ireland emerges here, warts and all.


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