Double date dating service msn dating service

The app functions much the same as Tinder: You swipe left or right, depending on whether you and your friend want to meet other friend duos and then you start a group chat, to decide whether a double date is on the cards or not.

The app, developed by a British team, launches today and has already seen thousands of single hopefuls sign up to a trial version.

‘Double enables dating to be more fun, less awkward and most importantly – much safer.

Double dates mean people can be more confident and relaxed because they’re in the company of a friend.’ ‘Each person has the support of a friend, so you can worry less about awkward moments and just be yourself.’ Although we’re not sure what happens if you don’t both like the same friendship due.

As well as being sold as the perfecting dating app for shy and retiring types, the inventors of Double also claim that it’s far safer, as you won’t be meeting strangers alone – you can also just bring a friend for support, even if they aren’t looking for love themselves.



(LIST: Top Online Dating Sites) Does this scenario sound familiar? There’s now a new website that lets you and your significant other emerge from the “relationship black hole.” An Internet startup called Friend Dept.allows lonely couples to make long-lasting friendships with other couples.


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