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For every test data row, we will then execute the following steps: private static SOAPMessage create SOAPRequest(String str Path) throws Exception { // Create a SOAP message from the XML file located at the given path File Input Stream fis = new File Input Stream(new File(str Path)); Message Factory factory = Message Instance(); SOAPMessage message = factory.create Message(new Mime Headers(), fis); return message; }private static SOAPMessage get SOAPResponse(SOAPMessage soap Request, String str Endpoint) throws Exception, SOAPException { // Send the SOAP request to the given endpoint and return the corresponding response SOAPConnection Factory soap Connection Factory = SOAPConnection Instance(); SOAPConnection soap Connection = soap Connection Factory.create Connection(); SOAPMessage soap Response = soap Request, str Endpoint); return soap Response; }private static void validate Value(SOAPMessage soap Msg, String str El, String str Expected) throws Exception { // Get all elements with the requested element tag from the SOAP message SOAPBody soap Body = soap SOAPBody(); Node List elements = soap Elements By Tag Name(str El); // Check whether there is exactly one element with the given tag if (Length() !

= 1){ println("Expected exactly one element " + str El + "in message, but found " + String(Length())); } else { // Validate the element value against the expected value String str Actual = elements.item(0)Text Content(); if (str Actual.equals(str Expected)) { println("Actual value " + str Actual + " for element " + str El + " matches expected value"); } else { println("Expected value " + str Expected + " for element " + str El + ", but found " + str Actual + " instead"); } } } Running the test When we run the test, we see that the web service to be tested is called three times.


The last two columns contain the name of an element in the web service response we would like to validate and its expected value, respectively.Reading our test data source In our very basic web service test tool, we will process this Excel sheet just as we did in the Selenium example posted earlier.


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