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Parsers are confusing because they have received a lot of publicity: There are dozens of parsers freely available on the Internet.When Microsoft shipped Internet Explorer 4.0 as the first browser with XML support, they really meant they had bundled two XML parsers with it.Phase: Architecture and Design Strategy: Input Validation Always validate XML input against a known XML Schema or DTD.It is not possible for an XML parser to validate all aspects of a document's content because a parser cannot understand the complete semantics of the data.This chapter introduces the best way to read XML documents from Java Script or Java.In this chapter, you learn A parser is the most basic yet most important XML tool. For example, the XSL processors (Xalan and FOP) from the last chapters were based on the Xerces parser.Yet, if you ask for a demo of a parser, you won't see much.


However, a parser can do a complete and thorough job of checking the document's structure and therefore guarantee to the code that processes the document that the content is well-formed.

The previous chapters showed how to view and transform XML documents.

Style sheets are a powerful technology but are limited to viewing and transforming.

When you have more specific needs, turn to programming.

A parser is a software component that sits between the application and XML files.

Its goal is to shield the developer from the intricacies of the XML syntax.


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