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Earlier it was reported that Drake and Rihanna, who made headlines for their whirlwind romance in the public eye, had broken up after dating for just over a month.

During their blissful time together, the couple was spotted on a number of occasions indulging in some major PDA."[Rihanna] doesn't want to be held down," a report stated suggesting a split between the songstress and Drake.

But just recently, new reports have revealed that the 'Umbrella' singer is nowhere interested in entertaining her past lover again.

They dated way back 2008, on a highly-publicized relationship which was controversial as well.


He sent booze, flowers, a bunch of toys for all the kids, he knows the way to her heart is through her family," a report revealed."He's saying he's going to get her back, that they belong together and stuff.He definitely sees this break-up from Drake as his opportunity," a source was quoted as saying.A recent report by Hollywood Life claims that newly single Rihanna is not interested in pursuing failed relationships."She made that mistake and will not return to him romantically," a source close to the website revealed."Could they be friends, could they return and record with each other again?


After recent breakup with former boyfriend, Drake, R&B singer Rihanna has been paired up with her past lover Chris Brown once again.

Rumors claim that the singer has been wooing her again and reportedly been sending her gifts.


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